Reducing energy consumption to the minimum must be a priority.

To guarantee the functioning of the country during the difficult situation experienced with fuel, instruction three of the Prime Minister was disseminated by all agencies, which reinforces a set of measures that have been applied since 2019, with a section for non-state workers.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- “As a first step to save, all basic productions and services must be identified, as reported by Fidel Gordo Escobar, the coordinator of programs and objectives of the Provincial Government, and the others must be paralyzed between 11:00 in the morning and 1:00 in the afternoon, and from 6:00 to 10:00, at night.

“We already have more than 84 state services stopped. Displacement measures also began to be applied, that is, some entities have moved their schedules to start working at two or four in the morning, especially in food production.

These actions must be implemented by all actors in the economy; therefore, the non-state sector is also included. "Some leaders of the labor movement have visited many self-employed workers, especially MSMEs, with whom they have discussed the need for energy savings and adjustments."

We seek to raise awareness among the population; we ask for just a little more awareness because we are facing a situation that affects everyone, and deserves collective help.

Reducing energy consumption to the minimum must be a priority. “To request a readjustment in consumption in homes and businesses, the Electric Company has identified the largest consumers in the non-residential sector and they have visited them, continues the Government coordinator, asking to evaluate the possibility of adjusting, to do the self-reading of the electricity meters since this service is one of the fundamental expenses of any state or private businessman.”

“Change electric ovens for wood-burning ones, in the case of some bakeries or pizzerias, disconnect the refrigerators at the established time and do not open them unnecessarily when they are working. Likewise, farmers are asked to rearrange irrigation schedules so that do not coincide with daytime or nighttime peaks.

“Also, turn off the street lighting timely because in some places several lights are needed at night and then remain lit during the day. Non-state economic actors can also use distance work, it is legal and no longer just for a contingency, but it is established by the Ministry of Labor,” concluded Gordo Escobar.

The Electric Company needs to socialize face-to-face with the population and inform its main clients through the press and social media so that the need to support the effort to reduce energy consumption in the nation is better understood.