Members of the FMC debate issues related to their organization

Before the 11th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), which will take place on March 7 and 8 in the country's capital, members of the organization meet to debate its functioning.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In plenary sessions held throughout the territory, different topics that are part of the daily actions of the federated women were debated, such as the house-to-house diagnosis, conversations with families, and the best action of the community groups.
The exchanges showed many things to do from within and with the youngest.

Members of the FMC debate issues related to their organizationYaima is the coordinator of the Women and Family Guidance House in the municipality of Manatí. She believes that the first thing to do is work with those who disagree with what is done in the organization. She emphasizes the need for action with the pioneers "because they know from an early age how cadre politics works because they make their pioneering elections."

She assures that work with adolescents is no longer done through talks but by getting closer to their reality, their world that is not distant from virtual reality.

"We have to be creative; federated women are in all the sectors; we are part of all political and mass organizations; therefore, we can reach more people and expand our range of action," said Yaima.

From Jesús Menéndez came Leticia Tamayo Álvarez, who proposed conversations with the population to explain the reason for the measures that will be implemented soon to reactivate the country's economy.

"We need more preparation to be able to reach all our federated women. Some distrust the management of the organization's finances so they have to know what we do with contributions and how far we go to help others.

"At this time, a large part of the money collected was donated to support families affected by Hurricane Ian, in Pinar del Río, and those who suffered damage during the heavy rains of June in the province."

The territory will have a wide participation in the Congress: 17 delegates and three guests will participate, who are in charge of transmitting to the country's leadership the main concerns of the Federation of Cuban Women in Las Tunas.

Delegation from Las Tunas to the FMC Congress