Assembly of the new pumping equipment at El Rincón water treatment plant.

With the start-up of new pumping equipment in the El Rincón dam water treatment plant, the supply service improves in Las Tunas provincial capital, by increasing the capacity to 320 liters per second from its main source.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Workers from the electromechanical brigade of the Aqueduct Company in the main municipality assembled the device, assigned by the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH). Now, the four pumps that make up the system exceed the 210 liters per second to supply the city.

Assembly of a new pumping equipment al El Rincón water treatment plant.According to the information offered by the director of the Aqueduct and Sewerage base business unit (UEB) in the main municipality, Piedad Herrera Núñez, Las Tunas needs 500 liters per second from El Rincón, 300 from the Piedra Hueca station, and 50 from the Cayojo dam. Although there is still a long way to go to satisfy the needs, Las Tunas inhabitants can currently count on a more stable service.

The director of the Aqueduct Company in the province, Oscar Carralero Suárez, said that Las Tunas has not received complete equipment for its pumping stations since 2006, so the system has deteriorated with exploitation. Besides the few pumps received do not have the same characteristics as the plants or the capabilities for quality service but, even so, the pumping system has been maintained in recent years, based on numerous repairs.

Carralero Suárez praised the protection provided by the Electric Company to the pumping stations, which has allowed a slight improvement in supply. The director also reaffirmed the INRH's commitment to assign ten new pumps for Las Tunas City and two others for the municipality of “Amancio.”