The take-off of the economy also depends on individual contribution

In spite of the systematic arguments offered by Cuba's top leadership on the need to redouble labor efforts to rescue the economy's plans as an essential issue to move forward, in the face of the complex situation, it seems that many people in the eastern province of Las Tunas are on the sidelines of the current seriousness because they do not contribute what is essential and are entertained with severe criticism of the government's alleged shortcomings and lack of efforts to guarantee essential supplies. 

Unfortunately, many of those who adopt such positions do not understand exactly that decisive efforts of all citizens, from their respective positions in society, are requested for promoting the necessary take-off.

There should be more understanding about the fact that the shortages will not disappear with lots of personal criteria about the possible solutions, which sometimes are impossible or very expensive, but with an efficient personal contribution in the tasks.

It will take a long time for the present panorama to be turned around if we do not assume that each one of us has the responsibility to help with what we have to push the enormous and complicated carriage of the economy.

The streets and establishments congested with people every day can deduce that the calculations include large numbers of workers and farmers, absent from their workplace, even if they have signed the entry book or justified their absence.

Obviously, in the multitude of resource seekers or wanderers there are not only unemployed, retired people, housewives, those who work long hours, those who take advantage of the facilities of teleworking, distance work or readjustments of schedules due to different circumstances.

It is not that the creators of wealth or public servants do not need to go out to find the essential goods to live, but that they comply with the agreement to influence the revival of the nation. For this reason, the suggestions are aimed at the administrations raising the demand for quality compliance with the agreed programs, according to the conditions in each place.

The labor variants are made official, so the improper use of finances is prohibited; in relation to that, there is no room for the payment of salaries without productive backups.

In the province they apply formulas to attenuate the desperation of the citizenship in the management of the products of first necessity and that gradually returns the calm in all the scopes, including the labor one.

Among them are essential the sales of basic goods per family nuclei that are sold in the network of stores of Cimex and Caribe, the distribution increasingly closer to the communities, and the confrontation with people who like to go to the queues many times to buy everything, hoarders and resellers, issues that require improvement to continue achieving greater satisfaction of the population.

Many residents of Las Tunas city believe that the tensions would be lessened if there were a greater presence of agricultural and livestock products on the market platforms. The matter maintains dissatisfaction because the population continues not finding similarity between the plans of sowing, harvest and per capita that are informed with the lines arrived at the table; example of that, is in which the customers did not achieve the expectations with the widely spread spring sowing campaign of several crops, and already we entered the one of cold, without substantial changes in the outlets.

Many people are interested in the content of the special tabloid on Cuba and its economic and social challenge, which is circulating in the country with a synthesis of the Economic-Social Strategy for the promotion of the economy and the confrontation with the world crisis caused by the COVID-19, but the most important thing is that each one assumes its part to materialize the central guidelines of the State.

Clearly, the material outlines the course to be followed, as a demonstration of the government's willingness to move forward with everyone's contribution and the decision to continue making progress, despite the tight US blockade against Cuba.