Sugarcane growers must improve the daily planting average

A look at the sugarcane planting work so far in the second half of 2020 shows a bleak outlook for the cold season in Las Tunas; unless today's slowness turns into daily results and approaches 140 hectares per day, so far a dream to be fulfilled. 

The reality is that from July until the 14th of the current month the territory only planted 2,456 hectares, 32 percent of the winter plan and about 612 below that the scheduled for that stage. Except for the Antonio Guiteras basic business unit (UEB) of attention to agricultural producers, which accumulates 105 percent compliance, the remaining ones register arrears; the situation of “Jesús Menéndez” and “Argelia Libre” being worrying, with a deficit of 270 and 132 hectares, respectively.

The urgency of giving the task the highest priority is seen more clearly when listening to the voice of engineer Danilo Infante Morales, head of the Sugarcane Group in the Sugar Company, who said that in the first 14 days of September only 895 hectares of 1,112 planned were planted.

Given this poor performance, it is necessary to take advantage of all possible options by virtue of achieving a sowing cadence close to 140 hectares per day, 75 more than the rate reached in the first half of the month.
Infante Morales believes that by acting swiftly, serving workers better, and putting as many resources at hand to work, each UEB can play its part in the colossal challenge, even when some of the units present a complex situation from the financial point of view.

If they were successful in September, October could be the month of the final blow to the cold planting plan (7,586 hectares); a purpose that, if completed, would enable the province to close the year with an amount of 15,000, a not inconsiderable figure in the midst of the epidemiological situation and scarcity of resources in the country.