Truck driver Pedro García works tireless taking sugarcane to the Majibacoa mill

Any manager of the truck base of the Transportation and Mechanization Services (TRANZMEC) base business unit, who has in their ranks drivers of the stature of Pedro García Gómez can walk smoothly because it is a guarantee to achieve positive results.

Reynaldo Hernández Rodríguez, head of the entity that supplies sugarcane to the Majibacoa mill, knows this well. “With men like him, we are not afraid of any challenge. He inspires security and confidence. He seems to be cut out for the job, no bullshit or a wake-up call for indiscipline or other misconduct; I hope he stays with us,” he argues, looking into his eyes.

El Mexicano - that is what family and friends call him - is part of the first outpost that, on December 9, arrived at the premises of the “Majibacoa,” from the municipality of “Amancio,” to reinforce the transportation of sugarcane. From then until today, he stands out for a work style worthy of the respect and recognition of his workmates.

Pedro is the first to arrive at the La Mecanizada-2 combined squad and the last to leave, he confesses to being aware of the enormous damage that the blockade causes to the economy and how vital sugar production is for the country. “For this reason, as long as there is cane to take here or in any other center, I will be there. That is my disposition,” he asserts.

Avoiding whatever obstacle stands in the way and using tires in very poor condition - three days ago they were replaced by new ones - the skilled driver exceeds 7,500 tons of sugarcane transported so far this harvest. "My management helps, the unconditional support of the tire repairmen, the maximum use of the workday, the systematic technical review of the truck, and of course, the support of my wife María Sarmiento," he says.

With 40 uninterrupted years in business, and at the helm of a KAMAZ with two trailers, Pedro is one of those drivers who become essential because of his unlimited dedication to work and outstanding results every day.