The attention to vulnerable neighborhoods is a priority of the Cuban Government

Even though the attention to vulnerable neighborhoods is a priority of the Cuban Government, in the province there is stillness in that work, on which depends the improvement of the lives of thousands of people who are waiting for changes in the 41 communities with that situation here.

In the capital municipality, for example, two areas received a remarkable boost in support of their transformations: Mexico and Sosa West; while in Los Galanos, Indaya, and Alturas de Buena Vista there has been a lack of activity, and currently, in all five of them, the work has declined.

The lack of resources is difficult, and that is well known. However, from the very agencies that make up the budget for these characterized districts, initiatives can be promoted, according to the needs of each site, such as the improvement of roads and the construction of social circles in rural settlements.

Local production could also be used for the partial rehabilitation of houses, or the temporary construction of small living spaces with alternative materials. Although this type of solution does not always please the vulnerable, they must be made to understand that the important thing, for the moment, is to solve part of the problem.

For 2022, the territory has a budget of 82 million 700 thousand pesos for the execution of actions in those places declared as such, a sign of the support given to them. As of last July, only a little more than 24 million pesos had been spent, which shows how much has been left undone.

Objectively, it is true that the lack of cement and steel hits hard. However, we are not talking about today, when the urgency is in the provinces affected by Hurricane Ian, but about July, when the outlook was better and the execution rate was only around 29 percent in the first seven months of the year.

On the other hand, not everything depends on logistical support. There are relevant steps such as the confrontation of social indiscipline, crime, and attention to young people disconnected from study or work, mothers with three or more children..., in addition to influencing the spirituality of the inhabitants in their environment.

We must recognize the efforts of the Labor and Social Security Directorate, which has benefited 2,349 families with beds, mattresses, sheets, towels, clothes, shoes, and household items, but the figure is still low according to the number of inhabitants of these population centers. It is also noteworthy what the entity is doing to try to locate a social worker in each of the more than 600 districts of the Balcón de Oriente, which would be of collective benefit.

Just a few months ago, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, assured that in one way or another, work must be done in all communities; some are prioritized more than others, due to their reality, but none should be neglected.

He also referred that "we have to achieve, in the shortest possible time, regardless of the complex circumstances we are living in the country, that these people can overcome the causes that have led them to situations of vulnerability".

Likewise, while speaking at the Assembly of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Las Tunas, the President reflected on the subject and affirmed that this task depends a lot on the cadres, their sensitivity, and their understanding of how to face such a task with a vision of deep social work.

This program aims to move away from welfare and has pillars in the collective participation to solve difficulties in situ with the push of the government and state institutions, the action of various economic actors, and the work of the people, to change places and meet various needs.

Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to Díaz-Canel's concept that these projects defend the concept of popular power in the neighborhood, based on the contribution of all to eliminate accumulated problems that were not adequately addressed by a group of institutions.