The plague of people who attack with noise grows exponentially

The plague of noisy and happy people is on the loose, accompanying physical violence without measure. In particular, it tastes to me like disorder and indiscipline, lack of education, bad habits, disrespect to the civic coexistence, and fundamentally, environmental profanation. I believe that even the unpleasant protagonists feel they have some degree of impunity or power. Otherwise, how can they circulate without a minimum range of prudence in our neighborhoods and attack the city in such a way?

Fortunately, not all the drivers of motorcycles, motorcycles, coco taxis, vehicles, cars, pedicabs, and horse-drawn carriages are sonorous aggressors. They even carry their music and with the right to listen to it from their equipment, but in moderation. The others, it seems, ignore that polluting the environment is punishable, although we are still far from raising awareness and sanctioning it.

In Cuba, there are several legal norms to regulate noise and promote a healthy soundscape, not to mention that in 2015, at the government level, commissions were created to confront noise aggression.

However, every day it is evident the need to put a stop to this harmful acoustic invasion and respect what we do in favor of our health. Violating the maximum limits for correct habitability of the decibels established as normal (55) is highly detrimental to the human ear.

It is not a whim to raise alerts against noise, about which there is a certain perception of risk among people, but not the real extent of how much it causes illness in the long term, but immediately. Considered an invisible agent, few associate their discomfort in certain places with exposure to high-decibel sound emissions.

Studies reveal that it causes progressive hearing loss, fatigue, communication interference, sleep disturbance, irritability, stress, decreased performance and concentration, headache, aggressiveness, altered blood pressure and heart rate, stomach problems, decreased immune system, and depressive states, among other anomalies.

The vacations arrive and the house returns to the times of perennial hustle and bustle, between intense heat and many domestic complexities. To be happy, to celebrate life, despite everything, is an intelligent and positive attitude, necessary..., but be careful with the sonorous aggressions indoors and the volume of the headphones in your ears. Do not disturb the environment of the little ones.

That common space that requires the respect of all, the street, do not pollute it or hurt your fellow countrymen just like that. Many mothers during blackouts and mosquitoes manage to put their children to sleep. It is not fair that a parade of motorcycles and motorcycles, or an irresponsible neighbor, break their already altered emotional and home balance. Nor is it fair that fines are the "controllers" of everything. Nor should they be applied "to some and not to others."

Nothing is achieved by sanctioning the common citizen if in public and community activities the "mega-loudspeakers" are placed multiplied by "N" the allowed decibels. Noise is bad, silent to cause damage, and deadly with time. Let us act, even though the country lacks the sound level meters and the technology required to demonstrate its power and effects on us.

It is not about shutting us up or hiding our joy. Just the opposite. It is to live in the culture of a natural, pleasant, and healthy sound environment. Let us respect this short journey on earth and, above all, the health of children. If we raise our voices, let it be to demand silence. That strident noise kills and it does it slowly. Reasons before putting on the loudspeaker.