Traffic accidents can be avoidedThe subject of traffic accidents is always sad and has a profound social and family connotation. Its statistics, for me, only confirm that it is a fatality that many feed on their own excesses and irresponsibility.

The soft part of these events points to the lack of commitment of at least one individual who, as a driver or pedestrian, encourages the event. Recently, when the first recovery phase came into effect here, after the control of the COVID-19, by local informational spaces and social media, the painful news came: a collision between an “Almendrón” automobile and a passenger bus on the highway to El Socucho, in the municipality of Puerto Padre. A young woman deceased, injured people, painful consequences, losses...

That June 27, the comments on the lethal impact summed up the feeling of nostalgic solidarity caused by traffic accidents and, among them, one generated these lines. It said that “24 hours have not passed before opening roads and beaches and tragedies are already beginning to happen.” I share that criterion and it makes me return to a well-publicized and analyzed matter from the press, together with the main decision-makers of the Traffic Directorates and the National Revolutionary Police in Las Tunas and the entire country.

Rigorous control measures exist throughout the province and municipal borders. However, when reviewing the cumulatively and monthly statistics, the curves in the summer reflect a rising trend over the years and five-year periods, with some more favorable interludes. Now, the months of social isolation, the specific limitations demanded by these recovery phases, access to alcoholic beverages and the release of emotional states, really increase the risks, much more in certain people with specific psychological characteristics.

Hence, I decide not to fill the possible arguments with figures. I am not looking for numerical analysis or panaceas. I try to call to reflect to those who drive on our streets and highways, from and on that wagon that goes through all the crowds through the residential areas, teenagers on bicycles, "runaway" drivers, cars that look like bullets... i.e., all possible involved in accidents. They, in any case, are the victims and the victimizers of these deadly events that fill families, society, and the economy with pain; also the most responsible because they are the ones who carry the rudder in their hands.

And the drivers must start with sanity, respect for the Traffic laws and the "conscious" conscience that they are the guarantors of the human lives that accompany them. Or the sentries of those pedestrians, who can be reckless and equally saved if handled as it should be. This summer 2020 cannot be crazy or reckless. A lot has happened and we can still go through the coronavirus. Death must be stopped. And with accidents, if we want, there is the STOP.