A good part of the current ideological struggle has social media as the theater of operations.

I just permanently removed an old acquaintance from my social media contacts. Personally, he did not offend me, nor did he harm me, nor did he attack me, nor did he denounce me as anything. I did it because he disturbed me by the brain mutation that he has suffered since he went "there." Now, it turns out that he is alarmed by the fates of Cuba, he calls its leaders dictators and - God forbid! -, he assures that this untamed and rebellious island will not be free until the Americans invade it.

With "friends" of this category, no enemies are needed. Has he calculated the atrocity proposed by his disturbed neurons? Has he noticed the bloodbath that, if it happened, such an attack would cause? Has he thought about the fate of his own family, still living here? Can you expect anything good from specimens like this?

Such unhinged individuals proliferate in the convulsive world of the network of networks. They prowl around their platforms looking for trouble, never with arguments and always with a lie on stage. They are chronically resentful, with whom it is not worth spending gunpowder. Their irrationality doesn't even deserve the benefit of controversy.

Certainly, the Cuban issue haunts and disturbs the sleep of some on the other side of the strait, especially its most recalcitrant sectors. Nothing that is done around here seems correct to them. Not even the successes in the fight against COVID-19.

It is enough to browse for a while on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter to confirm how much malevolence they intend to break the despair of people, which with admirable stoicism circumvent the hardships and deprivations caused by the government that they seem to adore each day.

A good part of the current ideological struggle has social media as the theater of operations. The Cubans who, like the classic Captain Spider, dream of setting this country on fire, but without burning themselves, remain crouched there at all hours, waiting for some good news about Cuba to attack and disqualify it. Or, like my old acquaintance, to propose a military invasion of the land where one day they were mistakenly born.

Cuba has never been attacked with so many falsehoods. The stubbornness to destroy it never reached a higher rank. They have appealed to all resources. Some time ago, I read in a forum that a man was fired from his job at a Miami bank because his manager discovered that he had “liked” a page sympathetic to the Cuban Revolution.

After this (bad) example, nothing can surprise anymore. Not even the absurd proposal of an invasion of Cuba from the old acquaintance that I eliminated from my contacts.