Fernando Buen Abad

A look at global media domination from the hegemony of capital, and its consequences, by the philosopher and professor of communication Fernando Buen Abad, on the opening day of the 4th International Scientific Convention, held at the University of Las Tunas, from May 16th to the 19th.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- From virtuality, the Semiotics expert pointed out that universities have a lot to contribute -from the analysis of reality- to the creation of an emancipatory proposal against the commercial model of a single notion of the world.

"It is necessary to develop a scientific instrument that allows studying in depth the way of production of meaning, the means of production of meaning and the relations of production of meaning,” he said while abounding in one of the topics that he is interested and develops from a decolonizing and counter-hegemonic vision.

How far has subordination permeated the Latin American peoples? Why do we have the historical inability for unity? How can we face, with our own narratives, a disabling discourse that pursues resignation and hopelessness?

These and other questions mobilized the reflection of those who support the idea that "the ideological war has been very efficient, and we have not managed to have enough methodologies, nor laboratories for semiotic struggle. We are not building a continental current of semiotics for emancipation. A semiotic current emancipated from its own shady ideological ballasts to access an emancipated and, at the same time, emancipating instrumental."