The most representative of the artistic work of the Las Tunas municipalities in the Fair.

The most representative of the artistic work of the Las Tunas municipalities, the official launch of Parranda beer, and the presentation of the Cuban marketplace Pymes Bulevar gave an outstanding note on the third day of the Industry and Commerce Fair, which will conclude this Sunday.

The Route of the Communities was felt in the central patio of the Las Tunas Hotel due to the quality of the movement of amateur artists, led by the Provincial Directorate of Houses of Culture, led by Anaís Ray Haynes. An aside for a small delegation from the French region of Brittany, which has dedicated 20 years to expressing friendship and solidarity with Cuba, with support for the most indigenous traditions. D'seos Teatro, Raíces Soneras, the dance group Renacer de Lírica, and Aires de Colibrí were some of the groups that exhibited their repertoire in this space.

The use of online services to obtain export permits in the country, increase the quality of products for the foreign market, and survey the existing potential on this route are essential steps for the Las Tunas business community, highlighted Vivian Herrera Cid, director of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, when reflecting with exhibitors and visitors to this Fair. Before those present, Herrera Cid detailed the export map of the province, which, she insisted, is a tool for work from the base (producers and municipalities).

In the meeting between entrepreneurs and businessmen, Salvador Sariol Vistorte announced the call, for next February, of a Forum together with the University of Las Tunas with all the actors of the local economy, and the municipalities, to respond to the following question: “What do we want that scenario to be like in the province?”

Vivian Herrera Cid
Vivian Herrera Cid.

The head of the Department of Foreign Trade, Economic Collaboration, and International Cooperation of the Provincial Government stressed that the business exchange, which began Thursday, is attended by ambassadors from six countries and businessmen of 15 nationalities. This fact means an important leap in the projection of this territory towards the world, he stated.

In the evening segment, all eyes were on the presentation of Pymes Bulevar, a new payment gateway that, barely a year after being created, was determined to expand in the Balcón del Oriente Cubano (Eastern Cuban Balcony). In the exchange, the concerns of the Las Tunas entrepreneurs transcended, and the need to fully understand the potential and market was discussed, to assume the value of our products and the real possibilities of developing our capabilities from Cuba, an unlimitedly creative country full of opportunities.

Pymes Bulevar already signed more than 10 letters of intent.

For now, the response from local economic actors was positive, since Pymes Bulevar already signed more than 10 letters of intent at the meeting, one of them with 26, to make local products visible from its virtual market, both from state entrepreneurs and non-state entrepreneurs. state.

Another of the highly anticipated moments of the day was the presentation and tasting of the Parranda beer, "conceived by Cubans and for Cubans," said its representatives, who also praised the environmental focus for the production and packaging of the drink. They also highlighted the values attached to the country's identity and traditions.

The Parranda beer was presented.