Children enjoy the process of learning together
Children enjoy the process of learning together.

A few days ago, I discovered that a rabbit lives for 9 or 10 years. Now I know that a frog can live up to 12 years and flies only 30 days. I also know that the Greenland whale is one of the longest-living animals and enjoys a healthy life during its life span.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- With my daughter, I learn something every day, every question she asks is a challenge that, more than challenging her, impels me to investigate with her. 

Play is part of the learning process.The list of curiosities and findings is long. Now, I ask myself, how do thoughts enter the brain, how does the human organism work, how are the parts of the body created, or what are the bees' legs like?

The infinite curiosity of childhood teaches us to ask ourselves unsuspected questions: "Mummy, what are coins made of?" "How do bees make honey?" "How do hairs grow?"... "And mummy, what do butterflies eat?"

My little philosopher teaches me. And my impoverished adult mind is surprised and learns. The doubts of childhood are marvelous, as is its wisdom, far removed from adulthood, always hurried and busy, so much so that sometimes we don't see the world. We stop, we stop savoring things, life.

"And how does the water come out of the 'pen'?" "Did you know that there are little dots on the tongue that carry information to the brain and in the nose you can feel the smells? Yes, Mummy saw it in some little dolls", she asks and tells me. We still have to search and find out "how are there animals that can live at the North Pole", "how are cloth and thread made, or what are clouds made of?

He has already found the answer to the emergence of paper. YouTube helps us a lot.

And I'm so happy that she's asking questions about what I don't know! And I'm so happy that he's asking questions and looking for answers! That he knows, the sooner the better, that he will only be truly independent through knowledge, and that reading is the best answer to all questions.

Adapting my gaze to his childish gaze makes me better. We click at every complicity in the search for knowledge, just as much as we click at a gadget that is more and more enjoyable than any new, expensive toy.

Every stage of our children's childhood has its enjoyment, and as a mother, I am discovering it. How valuable is the fascination of children, how useful for them to discover the human condition and our place in the world, wide, sometimes sad and, because of us, also beautiful!