Waldo's nursery.

Yunia and Waldo met at the Las Tunas Botanical Garden. He was already in love with plants and loved her when she arrived there, young and hopeful, to do social service in Accounting and Finance.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The love that has brought them together since then still covers them. Two children, the warmth of the household, and the passion for plants, which was also born to her, are the excuse that makes every day important and the attacks of the existence weigh less thanks to the complicity of their smiles.

One day, determined to carry out a small business that would allow them greater solvency, and that they could also do together from home, they tried to put some of the plants that they had on the patio in front of the house and sell them there, on the sidewalk. Within a couple of hours, they had none left, so they considered the test a success and began the process of obtaining permits, licensing procedures, and everything necessary to open a sales point.

Waldo Bonet Mayedo

That was around seven years ago; today, they are happy to say that sales, with ups and downs, like everything else, have confirmed to them that yes, every effort is worth it. “What sells the most are cacti and succulents,” says Yunia and smiles because, curiously, it is the first that Waldo likes the most and the second, hers.

“People come and repeat over time; some, to decorate their homes; others, because they want to give a different gift or want to update small collections that they treasure. We open around 9:00 am and, since we live right here, we close after 5:00 pm.”

What began as an alternative has become the epicenter of their income; and now, exploring the nursery that they have on the house plaque or sifting through the many plants that they have on the patio, is a luxury. We walked among a beautiful, jumbled, very vivid green, which kept us awake and was also a refuge in the terrible days of COVID-19. It is an oasis in the dust and bustle of the city and nourishes us with good daily energies.

Yunia Batista

They have also been diversifying; they already market through digital platforms and have a home delivery service that they do themselves, which pays good dividends. They work hard, yes; but the fruits are useful to its economy and society because nothing is more beautiful than giving life, oxygen, and well-being...

If you doubt it, I invite you to go to the sales point located at number 3 Indalecio Díaz Street, in the Velázquez neighborhood; there, they are owners of a green space that they share with diligence, affection, and great sensitivity.