The President tours Las Tunas

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Republic, heads the second Government visit to this province in less than a year since the previous one took place in February 2019.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The Cuban president began his two-day visit here at the El Bleo pig breeding center in the municipality of Majibacoa. There, he learned about the recovery program of these facilities with more than 25 years of construction and today composed of 44 animal houses, half of which are already operational and dedicated to the reproduction and fattening of pigs.

Accompanied by Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero, Minister of Agriculture; Manuel Pérez Gallego, first secretary of the Party in Las Tunas, and Jaime Chiang Vega, president of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power, Díaz-Canel knew that in El Bleo there are more than four thousand animals. Besides, he also knew that when the investment is completed, which is valued at about three million pesos, such a premise would reach more than nine thousand.

The environmental preservation actions were highlighted. The center has three biodigesters, and a third oxidation lagoon is being built. Everything allows them to improve the conditions of the waste treatment system and, at the same time, generate clean energy.

The President insisted that a productive center of this type cannot return to the state of deterioration that it suffered for two decades; while he inquired about what organizational obstacles hinder their best performance as Base Business Unit (UEB). Likewise, he spoke with the workers to learn about their participation in the preparation of the annual economic plan.

Then he visited areas of the Majibacoa sugar mill, where he talked with workers in the industry, became interested in living conditions and efficiency parameters in sugar production. In addition, he stressed the need to increase efficiency as it has done in previous campaigns and to fulfill the current plan.

He was informed that in the next few hours, the turbo generator number two will be operational and with that, the efficiency levels would increase. Besides, the delay of more than five thousand tons of sugar would be recovered from a general plan that exceeds 65 thousand 800, a goal that is attainable by the mood of the collective and the conditions of the factory.

Regarding the progress of the harvest throughout the province, the President asked how to recover the delay and said that Las Tunas is a productive pole that is in a position to become one of the most important in the country in the manufacturing of sugar and its derivatives.

In the Combined for Production of Building Materials in Becerra, in the provincial capital, belonging to the Construction and Maintenance Company, Díaz-Canel stopped to examine the alternatives that are sought there to supply the retail network with 28 different assortments. In particular, he was interested in the preparation of glue and low carbon types of cement, the latter a traditional cement extender that comes out of the mixture of P-350 cement, stone dust and burned clay.

Likewise, on Thursday afternoon, when he talked to the staff of the Israel Santos Metal Production Company (known as Duralmet), he learned about the main pitfalls of the plant for the fulfillment of the annual plan, amounting to more than seven thousand metal carpentry modules for housing. There, he stressed the importance that the finished product is being transported by rail, a much more efficient system.

Duralmet is in charge of molds for concrete blinds. In their workshops, they also produce clips for steel strapping, attachments that were previously imported by the Cuban steel mills, and with such manufacture, the public coffers save 25 thousand euros per year.

Before, in the Paco Cabrera Metal Structures Company, known as Metunas, he advocated for increasing production efficiency and defending plans, as well as taking advantage in the future from the use of renewable energy sources to achieve savings in a high consumer entity.

That Company is one of the most important industries in the territory, which develops the structures for the Mariel Special Development Zone. In Metunas, details of an investment process are finalized to manufacture cylindrical and conical structures, which would open the possibility for the assembly of wind turbine towers.

The President also affirmed that art schools are awards to talent. This was expressed, at the conclusion of a visit to El Cucalambé Professional School, where he could appreciate several performances of students and teachers of that center that celebrates its 30 anniversary.

During his visit on this school, the best in the eastern region of the country during the last school year, Díaz-Canel asked about the possibilities of professional training of teachers, graduates of Higher Level, the number of students from other municipalities, academic performance and community ties, among other aspects.

At the University of Las Tunas, together with Prime Minister Manuel Marrero and part of his Cabinet, he reviewed the agreements of the previous visit, related to expanding the links between that institution of Higher Education and the different ministries.

"With this visit, he explained, we are going to evaluate the society, economy and University cycle, an idea that we have developed during all the previous months, with the aim of integrating scientific results into economic and social life in the territory."

According to the ministers, there is progress in promoting research in the Company of Stainless Steels and in the branch of Agriculture. Likewise, the head of Communications, Jorge Luis Perdomo, highlighted the potential of Las Tunas in computerization, for which more local computer solutions and the Regional Data Center can be better used. A similar unexplored field is a study on labor dynamics because although the official unemployment rate in the province is low, almost half of the unemployed people are not looking for work.

“Focusing on local development, saving and eliminating the obstacles of the state-owned company, taking into account the Cuban context, thinking more about solutions, are the priorities of the Island now and that is why the Academy is essential,” said the minister of Economy, Alejandro Gil.

The President completed the agenda of the initial day of his visit to the Balcony of Eastern Cuba with an itinerary that would take him to the Doctor Ernesto Guevara General Teaching Hospital and areas of El Tanque de Buena Vista Cultural Plaza.