20.4 percent of the Cuban population is 60 or older.
20.4 percent of Cuba's total population is aged 60 and over.

115,794 inhabitants of Las Tunas are classified as older adults aged 60 years or more, i.e. 22 percent of the total number of people living in the eight municipalities, making the province the ninth oldest in the country.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- This is a challenge for the province, as the aging population, typical of more developed societies, requires a solid economic and social structure to care for these people.

Currently, there are ten homes for the elderly with 512 elderly people, which is a low number. There are also ten grandparents' homes and 11 multidisciplinary gerontological care groups. There are 13 caregiver schools in communities in the province, providing knowledge and skills in caring for sick or disabled people, training them to manage stress, identify and reduce burdens, and achieve an adequate emotional adjustment of older adults who require their services.

In the past 2023, the mortality rate in this population segment in Las Tunas was 19 deaths per thousand inhabitants, which is relatively low due to the care they receive from the family and state institutions.

Life expectancy in Las Tunas is 80.45 years for men, the highest in Cuba, while for women it is 79.16, second only to Holguín province.

The country has been suffering from an aging population for some years now. In 2022, around 23 percent of Cubans will be over 60 years old, which represents more than 2,478,000 people in this age group.