Victory of the Leñadores: the event of 2019 in Las Tunas

By a wide margin, the readers of 26Digital declared the victory of the Leñadores in the 58th Cuban National Baseball Series as the event of 2019 in this province of eastern Cuba.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Although the domestic panorama was marked by other relevant events such as the increase in wages for workers in the state budgeted sector and the resurgence of the US economic blockade, the public visiting our website selected as the most memorable date of the recent concluded year that of January 17, 2019 when the team led by Pablo Civil won for the first time in the history of this territory the elite championship of the sport of balls and strikes in this Archipelago. The Leñadores gave a grand finale to a dreamy season in which they were the best team during the entire tournament.

26Digital recorded it on its pages.

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