Happy 2020!

Let love be our driving force for everything. That is the firstborn thought that we should put on the table, in these days of celebration. It is the magic that will make happiness shine for what has been accomplished and will bring hope to the dreams and goals to come.

Many challenges were imposed by 2019, but it is only worth learning from the experiences so as not to stumble on the same stones, at least those that we could get around and we didn’t. Now the future is the path of a better journey, from within the heart.

Unity is not a motto. It is an emblem term that means much more than a compliment greeting or sharing a common space. The challenges will always be there.

Perseverance, however, is rewarded with success, more so if it springs from a firm conviction and a clean principle. The New Year must be filled with certainties and concrete struggles, individually and collectively.

Overcoming, that's what it's all about. To put new strengths for personal commitment, to strive to be better people even in our household, to strengthen family love, and contribute with decency and responsibility the sliver of light that we must give every day.

Let love be our driving force. And the doors will open with that softness of the feeling that carries in itself peace, solidarity, frankness, brotherhood, honesty. Put virtue like an emblem. Let’s toast. Happiness is not a matter of luck; rather it is a complex and beautiful rainbow of everyday attitudes. Let's go after her. Happy 2020!