evoLas Tunas, Cuba.- The people of Las Tunas has kept abreast of the situation that these days he and Bolivia have experienced. Many inhabitants of this land have left their mark there; both in medical or educational missions and in other collaboration agreements. And so many others, no less courageous, understand how much sacrifice the work of a man like Evo Morales involves.

Ángel Bejerano, sports professorHe thought of the people first.

I think the attitude of Evo Morales has been very brave. A man who has just won elections in a legal, constitutional manner and resigns under the pressure of a violent opposition, which has bribed the military; he is a very brave man. He is also demonstrating that he is not clinging to power, that he thinks of the people, that there is no blood from Bolivians on the streets, in avoiding a civil war or a similar process.

We know that he has the support of many people everywhere, and especially Cubans. We are a country that knows about injustices, because we have suffered them throughout the Revolution in our relations with the world, especially with the United States. We are at Evo Morales' side. We support his cause and we want him to take care of his life so that he can continue fighting for the peoples of America and especially for his beloved Bolivia. (Ángel Bejerano, sports professor)

Laraine Ortiz, retireeToday, I think of Che Guevara.

I feel a great admiration for Evo Morales. I know it is the first time that an Indian has become president of Bolivia. It is a country that has a large Indian population; which tells me that for a long time, before him, they had been a people ruled by men who had a divorce from their traditions, from the social and cultural point of view as well.

Che Guevara, an exceptional human being for all Cubans, died in Bolivia. In the school of La Higuera and throughout that area there is the memory of his last fights.

Che was also willing to give his life for the Bolivians, for them to achieve their freedom. And Evo, somehow, brought that freedom to them. I think there is a common idea among them, despite the time. And by saying no to the coup d'état, is also to support the struggle of Che Guevara and his example. (Laraine Ortiz, retiree)

Nilvia Burgueño, nurse at the Piti Fajardo polyclinicHe will come back and they will be millions.

I completed an internationalist mission as a nurse in Haiti and I know, because I lived it, the great effort of Cubans anywhere in the world. Bolivia has not been an exception. Many social, health, education and cultural missions have been promoted in recent years by the Government of Evo Morales. Love is needed, respect for people's lives, for the work he has done.

In addition, a man who has been seen accompanying his people at all times, fighting to improve their quality of life, nationalizing natural resources so that money stays in the country and boosts development. It is very angry about what is happening in Bolivia. We Cubans support their cause and know that they will return, as social networks say, made millions. (Nilvia Burgueño, nurse at the Piti Fajardo polyclinic)