Blue Lake, in the area of Dumañuecos, Manatí municipality.

It is said that, in search of kaolin, several engineers arrived at the hill of Dumañuecos, in the northern municipality of Manatí, following rumors of an unprecedented wealth of minerals in those parts. However, as nature would have it, water gushed out of the excavations, an unusual turquoise blue in perfect combination with the reddish soils.

Right there, under the lake, the stony elements were trapped in such a way that some have since attributed healing and rejuvenating powers to the place, in an exquisite mixture of the sublime and the mysterious.

The beauty of the site is captivating, like an Eden far from the hustle and bustle of civilization, as if it were a tropical wonder under the open sky, some 30 kilometers from Las Tunas and approximately 700 from Havana.

The artificial lake surprises not only for its enchanting qualities but also for the rich nature that shelters it; with a peculiar flora and fauna among dense mangrove forests and animals endemic to Cuba, it constitutes an enviable reserve that stands out in the middle of the wide plain of the north of Camagüey-Las Tunas.

The Blue Lake is considered an ideal space for lovers of peace and nature tourism.

As a place of relaxation, the Blue Lake is considered an ideal space for lovers of peace and nature tourism, a true nest for the soul between the purity of its landscapes and the Caribbean climate that characterizes it.

Due to its abundant hydrobiological resources, it is venerated as an environmental regulator; such is the mystical authenticity of the aquifers reserve that, depending on the weather, it adopts chameleon-like green and silver colorings, a singular metamorphosis that has become an attraction for those who have the privilege of visiting it.

Converted into a popular camping site, the Blue Lake is a reflection of the profound riches of the Balcony of the Cuban East, a breath of life that comes from the natural and authentic geography of Las Tunas, a perpetual enchantment between the real and the marvelous of the enigmatic waters that it possesses.