Voting result on Cuban Resolution against U.S. blockade

Once again, for 29 consecutive years, #TheWorldSaysNo to the United States blockade against Cuba.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Nations of different political shades, the friends of Cuba, and the greatest number of members of the United Nations oppose the genocidal, hostile, and illegal policy of the powerful empire against a small island.

Cynicism dominated the intervention of the U.S. representative, but the language of support for Cuba and open opposition to the siege inherited and maintained by the Joe Biden government prevailed.

From one continent to another, delegates in the UN Plenary Session raised their voices in favor of Cuba, thanked the solidarity that it distributes throughout the world, even in the midst of the difficult conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the own limitations derived from more than 60 years of siege and attempt to drown the lives of more than 11 million Cubans.