Thursday, 18 May 2017 07:27

Growing Presence of Invasive Species Threatens the Mediterranean Sea

Written by PL
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Rome.- The increasing presence of invasive species in the Mediterranean Sea, as a result of climate change and anthropization, is currently threatening the biological diversity in such ecosystem.


This is not a new phenomenon, it is even referring to the presence of about 700 new invasive species, although specialists recognize an acceleration of such behavior in the last decade.

For an international specialist team, headed by Ernesto Azurro of the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), the main objective was the Indian and Pacific oceanic species 'pterois volitans' known as Lionfish or Scorpion as it is called in Italy.

The group 's concern was reflected in an investigation completed earlier this year following a fish specimen in Italian waters was first sighted in September 2016, after being detected in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in 1991.

Through the analysis of the chronological description of the sightings during those 25 years, it was possible to verify the voracity, rapid reproduction and displacing of this 'infamous invader' towards the west. (PL)

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