The president of Mexico affirmed that Julian Assange, creator of WikiLeaks, is "a Quixote of freedom of expression."Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, affirmed that Julian Assange, creator of WikiLeaks, is "a Quixote of freedom of expression and does not deserve to be in jail."

Mexico City.- During his morning press conference at the National Palace, the president commented while referring to the lies and misrepresentations in the opposing press and social networks about his government and civil society. He asked the young people to investigate why Assange, who does not deserve to be in jail and, on the contrary, should become a cause célèbre for all journalists in the world and the media.

He explained that the powerful have him behind bars because he unveiled scandals that reveal the functioning of bad politics in the United States and other countries such as in Mexico, where he denounced officials of the National Electoral Institute (INE) in the 2012 elections when Felipe Calderón stole the presidency.

Assange revealed documents and evidence from the U.S. embassy talking about those elections, the fraud perpetrated by former President Vicente Fox (2006-2012), and how INE officials visited the U.S. embassy before the elections to inform them how they were going to handle the election results.

It is because of facts like these and many more revealed by WikiLeaks that Assange is a victim of repression and not of the fabricated crimes for which he is accused. He made revelations and denunciations in favor of freedom of information and expression, and what he did is sobering.

Based on this reasoning, the president made a very severe judgment of the number of autonomous entities in many public sectors to protect and cover corruption by duplicating those agencies that replicate those constituted by the State secretariats, to act as a cover for the corrupt.

They created a swarm of autonomous entities for that purpose, they bureaucratized everything to hinder investigations and facilitate crime and structurally they even went above the Legislative Branch and protected themselves in autonomy to be untouchable.

He gave as an example the Institute that has to do with the defense of taxpayers, full of irregularities, but in his four years of government, he has not been able to remove its director due to the swarm of regulations, norms, and laws that allegedly protect it. It was created to benefit private taxpayers and evade tax obligations, he accused. (RHC)