Half of the plastic produced annually is designed to be used only once.

World Environment Day is celebrated on Monday with a call to end plastic pollution, a process carried out by humans who by this means threatens nature and its existence.

Geneva.- This year's theme, “For A Plastic-Free Planet,” is intended to make the international community aware of the importance of caring for ecosystems and promoting respect for the planet.

It is a date to focus efforts on motivating people and communities to become active agents of sustainable development and environmental protection.

It also invites individuals to improve their consumption habits, companies to promote more environmentally friendly production models, governments to protect protected and wild areas, and teachers to instill the love for Mother Nature.

More than 400 million tons of plastic are produced globally. Half of which is designed to be used only once.

Several sources claim that microplastics are entering the water and air and are harmful to the health of people and the planet. (PL)