Major General Yahya Rasoul, Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces.

The spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, denounced the instability that the country is experiencing as a result of the United States-led international coalition.

Baghdad.- Rasoul issued a statement emphasizing that the aggression by the United States undermines bilateral understandings and dialogue and drives the Iraqi government to end the mission of external forces.

The officer denounced last night’s air strike in the heart of a residential neighborhood of the capital “without taking into account the lives of civilians or international laws,” and stated that US hostility endangers civil peace, violates the sovereignty of Iraq, and ignores security and citizens.

On this issue, he stressed that “even more worrying is that the coalition constantly deviates from the reasons and objectives of its presence in [Iraq].”

Along these lines, Rasoul said that these attacks are forcing the Iraqi government more than ever to put an end to the mission of the coalition, a factor of instability that threatens to drag Iraq into a cycle of conflict.

Rasoul’s words came after the assassination of the leader of the Hezbollah-Iraq Brigades, Abu Baquer al-Saadi, along with two other people in a drone attack against a car in the Al-Mashtal area, in the east of Baghdad.

The United States Central Command claimed responsibility for the attack, while Iraqi security forces announced that a specialized technical team began investigating the incident.

Asaib Ahl al-Haq’s General Secretary, Qais Khazali, stressed that the continued US aggression against Iraqi lives and the violation of the country’s sovereignty are evidence of the White House’s contempt for the national government and people.

He also considered that the United States is not willing to stop this behavior and this recklessness, despite the government’s positive measures and the resistance’s commitment to calm.

“Denouncements and condemnations are no longer enough, Iraq must present an official request to the UN Security Council and demand the immediate withdrawal of international forces,” Khazali added. (PL)