After 100th-day term, president Javier Milei has a negative image

Javier Milei, president of Argentina and leader of the La Libertad Avanza party (LLA), reached his 100th-day term with a 57.3 percent negative image, according to a survey by the Zuban Córdoba y Asociados consulting firm.

Buenos Aires.- Based on a survey carried out by the entity, 55.4 percent of citizens believe that Argentina is going in the wrong direction while 58.8 percent consider that within a year the economic situation will be bad or just as bad as now.

Regarding personal reality, 51.1 has negative projections. 51.7 blame Milei and the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo for the worsening of the country’s state while 71.6 do not believe that politics is paying for the adjustment, as the president reiterates.

For 88.5 percent of respondents, all Argentines are suffering the heavy cuts.

69.8 considers that their situation has worsened since Milei took over on December 10th, 2023.

40.2 of LLA voters responded that they trust their leader, but their economy is suffering.

In general, 69 percent of respondents do not know what else to adjust to be able to make ends meet, 53.8 are afraid of losing their jobs, 54.7 believe that the sacrifice they are making will not be worth it in the future while 61.8 affirm that each governor must defend the interests of their province, even if they have to confront the president.

According to Zuban Córdoba y Asociados, leisure and recreation are the main areas affected by an economic crisis but there is concern about having to start stopping paying important bills or basic food. (PL)