China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian.

China expressed its disappointment following the United States veto of Palestine's full accession to the UN and emphasized that the general wish of the international community cannot be ignored.

Beijing.- Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian stressed that despite this result, the urgent demands for an immediate ceasefire by the region's population and the basic needs for humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza cannot be overlooked. “The dreams of the Palestinian people have been brutally shattered for decades, and history and the people of the world will remember this regression by the United States,” he said.

The spokesman called for implementing the resolutions of the General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council, fully respecting the will of the Palestinian people and returning to the Two-State plan to establish an independent Palestinian State soon.

In Beijing's view, this is the only way to achieve peaceful coexistence between both countries and the Middle East.

The spokesman highlighted China’s position in favor of justice and conscience and reaffirmed strong support for Palestine becoming an official member of the United Nations. “We will continue to work with all relevant parties to make unremitting efforts to quickly end the fire in Gaza, alleviate the humanitarian crisis, and promote the implementation of the Two-State Plan,” he stressed. (PL)