The City Council resolution notes that "Chicago would benefit from the restoration of trade with Cuba".  The Chicago City Council in the U.S. state of Illinois Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution urging the U.S. government to lift the economic blockade against Cuba.

Chicago.- The declaration states that "the full restoration of trade and travel between the two countries would be of great benefit to both, particularly in the areas of food production, economic opportunities, education, health care, tourism, the arts, music, and sports along with medical and biotechnological research.

The resolution also highlights that "Chicago would greatly benefit by the restoration of trade with Cuba through permitting the export of industrial and agricultural, products to the neighboring nation of 11 million inhabitants, as well as the import of Cuban goods."

In a statement, the Cuban Embassy in the United States welcomed the Chicago Council's gesture, recalling that "the resolution (...) is the result of a campaign carried out two years ago by more than 200 Chicago residents."

"The promoters of the legislative project established links with the Island through their work in culture, academia, through family ties, and other shared interests. (...) With this resolution, Chicago joins 17 other U.S. cities that have passed similar resolutions," the message from the Cuban diplomacy highlights. (RHC)