Edward Snowden fears for Assange life if he is extraditedEdward Snowden said he fears that Julian Assange "could be next" if he faces extradition.

Moscow.- On his official Twitter account, Snowden, the former NSA consultant and data privacy advocate, tweeted that Assange "could be next," after antivirus mogul John McAfee died by apparent suicide in a Barcelona prison cell following news that he was being extradited to the US on criminal tax evasion charges.

Referring to the news of McAfee's death by suicide on Wednesday, Ed Snowden said: "Europe should not extradite those accused of non-violent crimes to a court system so unfair — and prison system so cruel — that native-born defendants would rather die than become subject to it. Julian Assange could be next," Snowden tweeted. "Until the system is reformed, a moratorium should remain," he added. (RHC)