U.S. President Biden The US$2 trillion investment plan in infrastructure for coming years in the United States and wide-ranging electoral law reform are two of President Joe Biden's key legislative priorities.

Havana, Cuba.- According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, President Biden is spoiling for continuing to debate about his program to outlay on roads, bridges, and other constructions, fighting climate change and caring for minors and the elderly.

However, disputes on this matter go on focusing on how such a plan should be financed, as Biden harped on raising taxes on large corporations, something GOPers strongly opposed.

Another Biden priority proposal is the reform of the electoral laws, which is nowadays under the Senate's decision. The so-called ¨Law for the People¨ is expressly aimed at championing citizen´s right to vote and to even out the actions recently conducted by the Republicans in many states to limit wide sectors of society to go the polls.

Experts considered that this 900-page reform is the most extensive concerning the election issue, but it will for sure collapse at the Senate due to GOPers´ obstructionist strategy.

As part of the Democratic offensive, Vice President Kamala Harris will meet in the coming weeks with representatives of organizations that defend the rights of the voters to present the administration´s arguments against restrictive measures that hamper to have access to the polls passed in Florida, Georgia, Texas and Arizona.

Either way, both the US Employment Plan (investment project) and this far-reaching electoral reform are pivotal pieces for Joe Biden and allies, as a sure-fire ticket in a view to the 2022 midterm elections. (PL)

Taken from Orbe magazine