Violence persists in Haiti.

Forced displacements in Haiti worsen the humanitarian situation in the Caribbean country, where violence persists, kidnappings and armed gangs overshadow the lives of the population.

There is an abnormal context for citizens participation in the electoral process.

El Salvador faces a complex electoral scenario despite surveys and expert opinions, assuming the victory of the Nuevas Ideas party and its candidate Nayib Bukele, on February 4th.

The deals inked on Tuesday are destined to secure supplies to Ukraine and the stockpiles of other allies.

On Tuesday, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) signed additional contracts worth 1.2 billion dollars to acquire armaments in light of a recent plan that has already secured war orders for over 10 billion dollars.

Nothing can justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

UN Secretary-General (UNSG) António Guterres on Tuesday assured that no effective humanitarian aid operation can function under the conditions that have been forced on Palestinians in Gaza and those doing everything possible to help them out.