Vaccination against COVID-19 continues

As the mass vaccination takes place in Las Tunas, concerns arise in the population, above all, about those who have not received yet the doses of Cuban vaccines or complete the schedule, due to suffering from an acute disease at the time they are it corresponded, present respiratory symptoms, or some decompensated chronic illness, among other exclusion criteria.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Nilvia Agüero Batista, the Vaccination Coordinator in the province, clarifies that people who had mild manifestations of COVID-19 or were confirmed contacts, but without a PCR that supports the diagnosis, may be vaccinated with Abdala or resume the scheme in a period that does not exceed 28 days between one dose and another. After that time, they should restart the immunization cycle. The ideal, she said, is to continue the process 20 days after symptoms.

In the case of infants with a positive antigen test, she specified,  they will not be vaccinated of Abdala or Soberana-02. Convalescents from the disease, with a positive PCR, will be administered a single dose of Soberana Plus, after two months of recovery from the disease.

Nursing graduate Mavis García Diñeiro, the coordinator of the process in the main municipality, said that vaccinations were authorized in all health areas to recover the vaccination cycle of those who had to interrupt it. Likewise, there are specific premises for the population of pediatric age, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.

The vaccination of patients allergic to thimerosal with the Chinese anti-COVID-19 Sinopharm vaccine began on Wednesday in the capital demarcation. All 35 vaccination centers were certified, to which more than 2,400 people from Las Tunas go to benefit from this product, whose scheme consists of two doses every 21 days, plus a dose of Soberana Plus.

García Diñeiro recommended calling the numbers 31-371629 or 31-371628 to clarify the doubts and insisted on the need for all people to be vaccinated.

To date, almost one in four inhabitants of this eastern Cuban province completed their vaccination schedule; although, in the provincial capital, that proportion rises to almost three out of four. Some groups in particular, such as breastfeeding mothers, have already been fully vaccinated; and others, such as pregnant women, are very close to doing so.

On the other hand, at least 66 percent of young people in twelfth grade and equivalent school years of other teachings received the second dose of Abdala, and more than 75 percent of infants and adolescents under 18 years of age, the first of Soberana 02.