Soberana Plus was conceived for convalescent patients

Convalescents from COVID-19 in Las Tunas, who fell ill before July 25, have benefited from this Sunday with a single dose of the Cuban Soberana Plus vaccine, which has demonstrated its safety and ability to stimulate the immunity developed by patients as a consequence of the natural infection.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Dr. Nilvia Agüero Batista, head of the Committee of Experts on Vaccination in this eastern province, explained to 26 that, initially, it is planned to reach more than 5,250 inhabitants over 19 years of age that were confirmed by a PCR test before the indicated date, since a period of at least two months should be expected to administer the vaccine.

Those who received a dose of Abdala and interrupted their scheme because they were positive for COVID-19 will also receive Soberana Plus, after the established time.

The pediatric population convalescing from the disease, Agüero Batista said, will not be immunized now. People who were infected with the virus and were not diagnosed by PCR must adhere to the scheme of the other available vaccines, which - in the case of this province - is Abdala.

At the same time, immunization of those allergic to thimerosal occurs in the territory, which was initiated last week by the provincial capital, with the Chinese anti-COVID-19 Sinopharm vaccine. So far, 1,769 patients have been inoculated the first dose, out of the 2,427 planned. The schedule for this group includes two doses of Sinopharm and one of Soberana Plus, every 21 days.

In the rest of the municipalities, more than 4,200 allergic people already benefit from Abdala without this component, with three doses every 14 days; as well as 502 health workers. Likewise, the specialist added, a total of 150 allergic children and adolescents throughout the province have Soberana 02 and will complete their cycle of two doses and one of Soberana Plus, every 28 days.