Anti-COVID-19 mass vaccination

More than 161,290 people in the province of Las Tunas have completed the vaccination scheme with “Abdala,” while the process continues in the rest of the population with this and other anti-COVID-19 immunogens, as explained Dr. Nilvia Agüero Batista, the coordinator of the Committee of Experts at the head of this health mission.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- “Our population must go to clinical sites where they are getting vaccinated with ‘Abdala,’ Soberana 02, Soberana Plus, and Sinopharm. At this time, we are recovering the first dose of Soberana 02 in pediatric ages, and the third is already being applied to the group receiving Abdala.

“In the provincial capital, the first, second, and third doses of ‘Abdala’ were administered; and now, those allergic to thimerosal benefit from the first of Sinopharm. In the rest of the municipalities, the third dose of ‘Abdala’ began on Monday; and Soberana Plus reaches patients with positive PCR, diagnosed before July 25.”

According to the protocol, she said, patients who have mild symptoms and do not have a positive PCR should receive the full vaccination schedule. Convalescent infants and adolescents must wait for the approval of the vaccine, which is already in the clinical trial phase.

“Vaccination points are opened in all health areas, and although some are already going for the second or third dose, those who have not been able to start with the first can do so. The most important thing is to immunize the 100 percent of the people of Las Tunas with one or another vaccine as appropriate.”

Agüero Batista clarified that among the mild symptoms are nasal obstruction, sneezing, headache, malaise, low-grade fever... “Doctors evaluate and classify patients in the acute respiratory infections consultations. People who have had mild manifestations can be vaccinated without any fear; patients with a positive PCR who have received all three doses of “Abdala” do not need Soberana Plus.

"In the case of those who became ill and only had one or two doses, they should receive Soberana Plus to further strengthen the immune system," the specialist clarified.

Likewise, she insisted on the importance of recovering the vaccination cycle. “If the person interrupted the schedule, would get the second dose of ‘Abdala’ if it has been up to 26 days after the first. In the case of Soberana 02, it is possible to recover the second dose up to two months later; and Soberana Plus, up to six months.”

The successful progress of the campaign in the provincial capital can already be seen in the improvement of the epidemiological situation.

Massive vaccination in Las Tunas