U.S. activist Cheryl LaBash.

If President Joe Biden spoke on behalf of the people of the United States, he would lift the blockade of Cuba and eliminate the designation of Cuba as a country sponsoring terrorism, activist Cheryl LaBash affirmed.

Boston, USA.- “This demand is certified by over a hundred resolutions approved throughout the US, which represent some 55 million people, ” said LaBash, co-president of the National Network of Solidarity with Cuba (NNOC), in statements to Prensa Latina in Boston, Massachusetts, where the NNOC annual meeting will be held between Friday and Sunday.

“The world in general is denouncing the blockade,” LaBash stressed and commented that the conference will take place just at that critical moment in which support for Cuba is growing, referring to the G77 forum and China and the UN General Assembly.

LaBash reminded that “next month, the 31st consecutive vote will take place, demanding the United States to end the blockade and stop lying about Cuba sponsoring terrorism, which intensifies the intentional pain inflicted on its people (…) Americans reject Biden’s hunger policy,” she emphasized.

“We are developing a strategy this weekend to strengthen the movement within the stomach of the Beast to make irresistible our demand to remove Cuba from the list of countries that according to Washington sponsor terrorism. #OfftheList and #unblockCuba,” she said.

Representatives of some 57 organizations of the NNOC will participate in the conference. “We have another 10 new groups that are requesting to join,” LaBash concluded. (PL)