28th National Merchandise Fair in Henan, China.

Cuba is participating in the 28th National Merchandise Fair in Henan, and promoting products being marketed via a digital platform.

Beijing.- Aner Pérez, general director of the Coratur Representative Office in China, commented in statements to Prensa Latina that goods, such as coffee, honey, and rum were very well received at the event.

Henan is one of the Chinese provinces most committed to the development and incorporation of international products, hence the importance of participating in this fair, he explained and emphasized that Cuba promotes a series of products, which Chinese consumers can find on China’s JD.com digital trade platform, specifically under the “Excelencias de Cuba” section.

“We have worked with interested marketers, we have explained our products, many have been interested, and others have bought them directly at JD,” Pérez added.

In his opinion, Cuba’s participation in a fair like this allows it “to make known the potential of our assets.”

Pérez highlighted that Coratur takes advantage of every opportunity to deepen cooperation with other Chinese companies in this type of general trade. (PL)