Once again, Cuba denounced the destabilizing plan and its execution.

The firm rejection of the interference behavior and the slanderous messages of the U.S. Government and its Embassy in Cuba, regarding internal matters of the national reality, was made known to the Chargé d'Affaires of that legation, Benjamin Ziff.

Havana.- Summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Vice Minister Carlos Fernández de Cossío, he was handed a formal note of protest. He was reminded of the minimum standards of decency and honesty expected of a diplomatic mission in any country, which the U.S. Embassy in Cuba is incapable of observing, according to a communiqué published by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

It was also emphasized that the U.S. diplomatic office and its personnel must behave under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

The MINREX publication explained that, at the meeting, attention was also drawn to the direct responsibility of the U.S. government for the difficult economic situation Cuba is going through and, specifically, for the shortages and difficulties faced by the population daily, with the depression and insufficiency of supplies and essential services, under the weight and impact of the economic blockade designed to destroy the economic capacity of the country.

Likewise, the ostensible determination of the U.S. government to limit and hinder every effort of the Cuban State to find solutions and provide answers to the economic and social needs of the country was repudiated.

Once again, Cuba denounced the destabilizing plan and its execution; the reinforcement of a merciless economic war to provoke and exploit the natural irritation of the population; and how all this is financed every year with tens of millions of dollars from the U.S. federal budget.

The powerful technological infrastructure of that country to exploit digital networks for aggressive purposes, the complicity of important media outlets of the major U.S. and international press, and the mercenary support of people based mainly in South Florida, were denounced by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

"If the U.S. Government had a minimum and honest concern about the welfare of the Cuban population, it would remove Cuba from the arbitrary list of States that allegedly sponsor terrorism; it would put an end to the persecution of fuel supplies that the country needs to import; would stop pursuing every financial transaction of Cuba in the world; would put an end to the rude persecution against Cuba's medical cooperation programs in the world; would stop intimidating businessmen, visitors, artists and any person who feels the interest and the right to interact with the Cuban people," reads the statement. (Granma)