3rd Homeland International Colloquium

The 3rd edition of "Patria" (Homeland) International Colloquium focuses Tuesday its panels and keynote speeches on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the work of media.

Havana, Cuba.- More than 100 experts in communication attend the panels on Artificial Intelligence and Democracy, Innovation through Citizen Assemblies, and the new techniques of politics in the field of communication.

They also discuss “Computing and the Capitalist State: Outlines of a History” and the ethical implications, communication, and self-regulatory frameworks in the context of artificial intelligence.

Communication trends in times of war, the struggle for subjectivity, and film discourse as a political resource in the current communication scenario are also issues in Tuesday’s debate.

3rd Homeland International Colloquium.

An exchange on digital political media in the age of algorithms will conclude the second day of discussions.

The 3rd “Patria” International Colloquium, which started on Monday, focuses on integrating left-wing forces in the common defense of the idea of the good.

Ricardo Ronquillo, President of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), also urged that this Colloquium’s debates leap from denunciation and analysis to connected actions to confront the hegemonic information order that the West is trying to impose. (PL)

3rd Homeland International Colloquium