The regulations contemplate 25 million dollars for programs to “promote democracy in Cuba.”

United States authorities approved an additional sum of more than 50 million dollars for subversive actions against Cuba, with emphasis on media manipulation campaigns, Cubadebate’s website reported on Sunday.

Havana, Cuba.- Cubadebate Director Randy Alonso commented on some of Washington’s latest policies against Cuba in an article entitled “Blockade and Subversion against Cuba: Fines to Banks and More Than 50 Million for Interventionist Programs.”

On Friday, March 22, the anti-Cuba mafia in the House of Representatives succeeded in introducing the new funds in a Resolution that authorizes 1.2 billion dollars in funds to sustain the operations of some areas of the US Government, the director of IDEAS Multimedios explained.

According to a press release from the office of anti-Cuba Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart, the regulations contemplate 25 million dollars for programs to “promote democracy in Cuba.” The sum means an increase of 25 percent compared to 2023, Alonso explained.

These programs are fundamentally intended to develop subversive actions against Cuba and “manipulative campaigns” within the United States and the rest of the world, the analyst noted.

Through the State Department, the NED, and the USAID, they generously finance the anti-Cuba lobby organizations in Florida and other parts and pay their allowance to the mercenaries they have in Cuba, the expert added.

A part of this fund is used to maintain the anti-Cuba media machinery and the social media agitators who have been fostered in the last 10 years “with the express objective of impacting, generating manipulated narratives and confusing Cuban public opinion,” the journalist added.

With a similar purpose, the legislative proposal signed by the US Chamber allocates 25 million for the 2024 work of the Cuba Broadcasting Office, in charge of Radio and TV Martí, which represents a notable increase compared to 13 million dollars in the last fiscal year, he pointed out.

Besides, an “unspecified” additional amount is reserved for the Open Technology Fund to promote technologies that promote “freedom on the Internet” in Cuba, the specialist warned.

In that regard, the regulations establish that 90 days after the final approval of the law, the Secretary of State and the executive director of the United States Agency for Global Media must present the funds and plans to the Appropriations Committees to implement the provisions concerning Internet technology development programs.

A recent article published by the Razones de Cuba’s website drew attention to the growing fiscal deficit of the United States; however, the White House continues to spend extraordinary sums of money for interventionist purposes.

“Those billions of dollars that they waste are part of the large and increased fiscal deficit that US citizens pay,” Razones de Cuba claimed with concrete data. (PL)