Representatives from some 18 countries participate in this online edition of the Cucalambeana Fiesta

The 53rd edition of the Cucalambeana Fiesta, which started yesterday and ends tomorrow (for the first time in an online edition), welcomes the participation of folk singers, repentistas, troubadours, writers and exponents, in general, of cultural expressions from some 18 countries, Yanetsy Ramírez León, a specialist in International Relations of the Provincial Directorate of Culture, says.

Dana, accompanied by the ambassador of her country, last year, during the 52nd Cucalambeana FiestaLas Tunas, Cuba.- This media spoke by telephone with some of the protagonists of this festival of peasant traditions, including Dr. Jerry Francisco Sabio Amaya, mayor of the Honduran state of La Ceiba, and Dana Suyapa Álvarez Chimilio, director of Culture, Education and Art in the municipal government of that city.

They participate with a documentary about various interesting elements of their idiosyncrasy. “The material is about the culture of the Afro-Honduran and Creole people, better known as Garífuna. We address the arrival of blacks to our land, the struggle of these people, data on La Ceiba (the third most important state in our country) ... We offer a cultural overview, reflecting types of food, dance, way of life and behavior. We also talked about the International Friendship Carnival, the city's first authority: the mayor, and the progress of the black people in politics,” Dana explained.

For her part, Dr. Jerry Francisco Sabio, who in addition to being the 100th mayor of that place constitutes a faithful representative of her culture from feelings and black skin, says that our Island is an inspiration. "We try to keep going and Cuba serves as an example. I appreciate all the support of the Cuban doctors who help fight the COVID-19 pandemic in my country, this further strengthens our twinning.

"In the specific case of La Ceiba, we have several points of contact with you regarding culinary, handicrafts, work in agriculture and farming, religion ... We have in common the realization of dishes based on cassava, banana, yam, taro, coconut... We like maritime products. We have literary ties, even friends from Las Tunas have given us training,” said the also doctor, gynecologist and obstetrician.

Duna, Damiana and Balandra, the Conde sisters26Digital also spoke with Duna, Damiana and Balandra, the Conde sisters, from Baja California Sur. They are participating in La Voz México, a reality TV show with a great audience rating that is viewed beyond its borders. However, the Cucalambeana Fiesta seduced them and they joined the event for the third time.

“It is a very nice opportunity to publicize our culture. It is important to defend traditions, unify ties, share experiences… From the first time we participated, we were amazed by the Cuban culture, the human warmth of its people, what repentistas do and other things that always make us come back,” the Condes affirmed.
They participate enthusiastically with a different proposal of the traditional Mexican song, in the genre of huapango.

Musical group Los PachamamaAlso from that country, we spoke with another participant in the “Cucalambeana:” Roberto Sobrino, director of the musical group Los Pachamama, who for the fifth time is included in the program. He recognizes the value of this event to strengthen cultural and friendship ties.

“I like that you have managed to unite artists from different places and add people to your activities. We, in the midst of the pandemic that is plaguing the world, have a campaign called Let's not forget what we are, in which we bet not to forget culture, but to defend and develop it,” he said.

These cultists of the jarocho, whose name they chose due to the meaning of the words Mother Earth, are inserted with a repertoire of Mexican music, with themes from the state of Tabasco (where they live) and others of their own inspiration.

Thus, the Supreme Party of the Cuban Peasantry is prestigious, an event that becomes an international embrace in defense of traditions and friendship.