locutor4The indication that materialized the creation of the radio was the voice of the presenter flooding the ether. Since then it has always been that way; the arduous production process in radio and television newsrooms only comes to a happy conclusion when the magical connection between the voice behind the microphone and the public that identifies it starts off.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- To the voices that lead the information and entertainment spaces in the media is dedicated this day, instituted in 1954 within the framework of the second Inter-American Conference of Broadcasters, in Havana.

This December 1st, it is also significant for Radio Libertad workers, because even when new information technologies are a constant challenge, the radio station is established as a key media in the municipality.

In that recognition, artists who transform words into emotions through our frequencies play a fundamental role.
Throughout programming, word professionals have the responsibility of expressing in a pleasant and understandable language what the listener needs.

The presenter's voice in the ether becomes a hallmark in each program; it is at that magical moment when the well-known inflections catch the listener's attention. It is a voice that impresses and seduces, that make you dream