trovaThe magic begins at 9:00 PM and ends two and a half-hour later, although there are those who are motivated and once outside the Provincial Heritage Center, extend the celebration until dawn. It's not for less: getting artists from different manifestations to come together to share their creations in a suggestive way attracts more and more audience, even those outside the sector.

Las Tunas, Cuba.– "La Trova sin Traba" gathering, directed by musician Oberto Calderón, has managed to maintain for five years the preference of many people, who go there every first Saturday of the month to meet the arts.

Calderón is an instrumentalist. He has a degree in Socio-cultural Studies and a master's degree in Educational Sciences, a pedagogical experience that has helped him to spice an initiative that never stops to gain followers.

"The dream was always to give my friends a space that would be a delight of art and, in the same way, a collective creation. The plastic artist Leonardo Fuentes suggested the name to me, because trova is poetry, party, feeling, bolero, song..., that entire cultural environment that we defend. However, each meeting has a central theme. We started in the Rita Longa workshop gallery, then we moved to the Huellas Cultural Center, and finally we are here," he explained.


When you enter the Provincial Heritage Centre at the agreed date and time, you will find a clothesline with poems or phrases, in which you discover in a visible corner, someone absorbed in the creation of a pictorial work that will later be subject to debate and whoever gives the best opinion on the matter, will take the painting home.

"We also have other proposals that defend the most authentic of our art through sections such as one dedicated to Cuban beverages called El Bautizo del Trago. The one known as Aprecia y Gana, in which a painting is commented on. Del Lejano Pasado, dedicated to an object, a book, a date or something related to tangible and intangible heritage. Del Hilo y la Cuerda, which is a mixture between theater and literature; plus games of participation, in which people have fun and learn," said the host.

"It is a gathering that defends our nationality because there is an integration between art expressions We enjoy a monologue as well as an oral narration or a text by a writer from our land. We see exponents of the local troubadour movement, among them young and experienced; pieces of plastic arts are live valued, beyond a gallery or an exhibition space. The audiovisual aspect is present with approaches to materials in that format; among other invitations. In addition, the public actively intervenes in the actions of artistic appreciation", commented the oral stage narrator Maike Machado, one of the outstanding members of the cast.

Another of the outstanding architects is Ricardo Ávalo, director of the Provincial Registry of Cultural Assets. About his experience in this guild, he said, "the rock does not stagnate, rather it renews and strengthens with the passage of time and, without losing its essence, it contributes to the cultural development of our territory.

For example, the section Del Lejano Pasado, authored by me, aims to promote the collections of the Provincial System of Museums. I try to select the object in question in correspondence with an ephemeris, curious data, and other elements so that people are interested and broaden their knowledge".

Although this rock is not the only one that enchants the public on the Balcony of Eastern Cuba, (there are others of great interest such as the one dedicated to the Prodigious Decade, directed by Jorge Smith). It is an example of what can be done when there is a desire to work in defense of culture, as well as insufficient resources.

Oberto, the host, would just like more assistance from the leaders of the sector and more support from the institutions. "We can't be sensitive to what we don't know. To be an artist is a gift, something unique, the aesthetics of art have an incalculable value; it would be good that the pertinent authorities know what they are paying and remunerate in fair measure those who make this dream come true," he said