Repairs at the Vicente García González memorial museum.

The restoration of the Vicente García González memorial stands out as one of the most urgent constructive actions of the historical cultural heritage of this city, a process that began its second stage with the total change of the roof of the main hall.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Due to humidity, termite infestation, and lack of infrastructure maintenance, the building closed its doors a little more than two years ago due to the imminent danger of collapse, a reality that since 2023 began to be transformed with the restoration of lights, walls and ceilings.

Today work is being carried out on the renovation of the roof tiles, and wood, and the installation of a waterproof layer in the 27-meter large hall, for which a total amount of more than eight million Cuban pesos has been approved.

Repairs at the Vicente García González memorial museum.

Marilda Legrá Reyes, director of the memorial, told the Cuban News Agency exclusively that in the first instance the exhibition halls and the multi-purpose hall, elements of the interior patio, as well as the electrical and lighting system in these areas were restored.

Although the multi-purpose hall is made of reinforced concrete, Legrá Reyes added, the humidity was already causing signs of collapse and it had to be completely restored; at the same time, the bases for the patio lights were created and the bathrooms were remodeled.

The plans go beyond tiles and wood, we are also immersed in the restructuring of the entire internal system of the main hall and we intend to create a new museum design for the opening in March, said the director of Culture in the main municipality, Yamilet Engracia Reyes.

Repairs at the Vicente García González memorial museum.

Two micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) from Las Tunas and Granma, together with the 18 workers at the site, make up the workforce that aims to restore the splendor of the building, declared a National Monument in 1996.

The colonial mansion, the birthplace of Major General Vicente García González, is located on what was once Calle Real (Real Street) -today named after the famous patriot-; it has four exhibition rooms where a large part of the documents, accessories, and personal and war materials of the Mambí general and his family, as well as those of his comrades in the struggle, are kept.