Radio program about the National Hero broadcast by Radio Victoria
Sincere and from the Palm Trees radio program, every Saturday, at 8:00 in the morning.

“Martí is good to live with,” a close friend reminded me of, a few days ago.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- And that, which is a deeply rooted sentence among those who know the value of the Apostle's imprint and his many teachings that encourage existence, makes the need - increasingly unavoidable- to bring his legacy closer to the new generations.

The José Martí Youth Movement (MJM) understands this very well, an organization that turns 35, National Vanguard in Las Tunas since 2020, which is always committed to lighting the flame of “El Maestro” in children, adolescents, and young people.

They know, however, that the routes to achieve this must be as diverse as the current times. Among the many experiences they channel to strengthen that truth, is the insertion of their work in the Sincero y de las Palmas program (Sincere and from the Palm Trees), which is broadcast by Radio Victoria frequencies on Saturdays, at 8:00 in the morning.

A space of just nine minutes that director Daniel Laguna brought to life several years ago. Since March 2023, it has been written by Roynel Reyes, the president of the MJM in the territory.

Staff of the radio program about José Martí.“I have always been a listener of the provincial radio station, and I have had to prepare a lot to write the program scripts, read a lot about how to write for the Radio, think about different audiences and their interests (which can be very demanding) because the aim is to motivate people to know and reach José Martí.”

The intention to “move feelings” from the very dynamics of the radio space reveals it; for this reason, the scripts are closer to Martí's aphorisms, they try to bring the speeches closer to personalities who, at different times, have defended the life and work of the most universal of Cubans from Las Tunas. But many issues are still to be addressed.

“I remember a program we did about eroticism in Martí's work that was quite a challenge. We also want to on his vision about Vicente García, and how disability, inclusion, and unity, to name a few, are themes that find space in Martí lyrics."

Roynel is aware of the radio's impact and its reach on audiences, but he is also sure that it is not enough to delve deeper and rediscover the imprint of the man with the white rose.

The experience, however, is added to many others that the José Martí Youth Movement has kept during 35 years at the center of knowledge about the author of The Golden Age; that visceral and fecund man, anchored, precisely on the Cuban soul.