Teatro Tuyo Troupe

If there is a troupe that has shown not to stop despite the circumstances, it is the Teatro Tuyo Company. Today, International Theater Day, its leader Ernesto Parra shares about an upcoming invitation in the field of performing arts.

Tapetummm!Las Tunas, Cuba.- He and Aixa Prowl, will accompany Balbuceandoteatro, from Argentina, in the poetic creation, clown training, and choreographic design of Tapetummm!, the seventh show of the company of that nation, which it is being built as a kind of “architecture of the uncertain, a constant game between the real and the possible.”

The proposal will have lots of fun and reflection, in addition to being complemented with visual and sound technologies, to catch the audience as they play with their perception. On the Argentine side, Alejandra Toledo, Mariano Medina, Anna Cubeiro, and Cecilia Astini participate.

According to Papote, the friendship between the two groups began around 2012. Parra even advised Balbuceandoteatro in the literary-clown show Cascaja, with which its interpreters have obtained numerous results. The sons of the land of tango were also in Las Tunas during the 3rd International Clown Festival and, in November 2019, the leader of Teatro Tuyo visited Córdova, with an extensive experience exchange program.

Balbuceandoteatro Now, the news that their co-production project was recognized by Iberescena, an Ibero-American cooperation program for the Performing Arts, fueled his desire to create and do it well.

Thanks to this, the groups have the necessary funds to carry out their assignment. Promoting professional improvement, the exchange of knowledge, and the creation of concrete initiatives that from the scenery defend topics such as social inclusion are among the requirements that Iberescena prioritizes.

Teatro Tuyo and Balbuceandoteatro have cultivated in their performances and daily work the art of the clown, which can transform people for the better and address all audiences in any place, from theatrical halls to streets, squares and hospitals.

According to its creators, the premiere of Tapetummm! is scheduled for November in Fresca chip space, a hall of the city of Córdoba.