The TV room at Km 20, in Manatí, is one of the bests in the province

Outstanding labor in favor of the residents in intricate communities of Las Tunas carry out the 195 television rooms in the territory, according to Yaneris Báez Mojena, provincial director of that program.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The official explained that these facilities work with solar panels and, therefore, have become the nuclei of these settlements, with an emphasis on informing residents through the news, the Mesa Redonda (Round Table), and other television spaces.

“Also, political and cultural activities take place in them, they are the headquarters of the Educate Your Child Program, and contribute to the proper functioning of the neighborhood and to solving problems since, as an institution, they belong to the Community Work Group.

"Health specialists give their consultations there and each of the rooms has a rehabilitator, who not only performs these therapeutic procedures to the person who needs them, but also performs health promotion actions aimed at preventing diseases"

Precisely, to prevent the COVID-19 in rural areas of the eight municipalities, workers in television rooms explain prevention measures and currently support inquiries in their communities, while complying with the measures established in the different stages.

"In each of our centers, we practice constant handwashing with soap solution or chlorinated water, footwear baths, and physical distancing to avoid the contagion with the SARS-CoV-2 virus."

By 2021 - Báez Mojena pointed out -, it is expected to achieve the stable operation of one hundred percent of them, raise the ideological-political preparation of the inhabitants of these intricate neighborhoods, and continue to strengthen peasant traditions and local history.

The different groups also intend to contribute to achieving healthy lifestyles among the inhabitants through health talks, about alcohol consumption, smoking, and teenage pregnancy, among other topics.

The first TV room of the province was founded on July 12, 2001, in Rinconcito, Jobabo municipality; by an idea and at the suggestion of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, as a result of the Battle of Ideas, the movement was officially inaugurated on March 29, 2002, 19 years ago.

“Now, the ones with the best job are those at Km 20, in Manatí; Bejuco, from the municipality of Las Tunas; and Quinta 1, in Majibacoa.”