More than eigth km of new pipelines for water supply in Las Tunas

The conclusion of more than eight kilometers in the new pipeline from the central station of Piedra Hueca to the city of Las Tunas, with a diameter of 630 millimeters, is among the actions carried out by the Provincial Delegation of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH) to improve the water supply system to the population during this year.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In declarations to the Cuban News Agency, Danieski Ruiz Gómez, head of INRH Investments in this eastern territory, assured that the installation replaces the existing one due to deterioration after several years of exploitation. The connection to the network is scheduled before the end of May, and hydraulic tests are already being carried out as a last operation to guarantee its start-up.

The La Cana underground basin, better known as Piedra Hueca, in which new pipelines were installed from two wells to the central station, is one of the three main sources of supply to the provincial capital, along with the Cayojo and El Rincón reservoirs.

The rehabilitation of networks in use in the communities of Aguilera, Santo Domingo, Sosa, Casa Piedra, and other peripheral areas, where the service has been affected on occasions due to difficulties with pumping, also stands out among the projections of the INRH in Las Tunas.

More than eigth km of new pipelines for water supply in Las Tunas

The main problems are given on the non-existence of a sectorized system and the inoperability of some essential valves. This situation causes the flow benefits the lower areas, while the upper and peripheral areas are affected almost entirely, Ruiz Gómez acknowledged.

To mitigate these incidents, work is being done on the connectivity of the extension of the pipelines of the Carlos J. Finlay and Camilo Cienfuegos avenues; in the latter, the possibility of using the Buena Vista Tank as a distributor is being evaluated.

With great impact and in response to proposals from the residents of the area, more than 600 meters of pipes for wastewater were placed on Calle 39, in Buena Vista, a work that has been affected by several inconveniences such as breaks and technical defects in the connections.

In a complex economic context, aggravated by the fuel deficit, the INRH foresees the maintenance of the water treatment plants of El Rincón and Cayojo systems, damaged after decades of exploitation, with national resources because of the lack of new equipment for their reform.

More than eigth km of new pipelines for water supply in Las Tunas