cienciasmedicasThe Zoilo Marinello Vidaurreta medical sciences university opens its doors to more than 6,500 students between undergraduate and postgraduate during the new school year. The fundamental efforts are focused on the raising of the quality of academic processes, develop the teaching staff towards higher categories and carry out the external evaluation of the center for its accreditation at the end of 2020.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In this regard, María Elena Mawad Santos, rector of the institution, says that such purposes entail an arduous work of the teaching staff and the students. "The most important thing is that there is unity of action; political factors, welfare institutions and our collective are present, following the premises of the Ministry of Public Health. We all engage in a successful school year."

The current school period hosts 10 professional majors, two more than the last stage. At the same time, they increase in the modality of superior technician of short cycle. The enrollment also includes Technical Education for ninth grade graduates.

On this occasion, the house of high studies receives more than 75 students from 25 nations. It also assumes the preparation of some thousand 700 novels doctors in 42 postgraduate specialties.

According to Dr. Mawad Santos, the new academic curse is strengthened with the 141 vertical interns, students who chose a specialty and are already starting to receive it from the sixth year.

All enrolled students are guaranteed the material resources of study for the first semester, and for their well-being, in the case of full-time students. The infrastructure of the school was strengthened by improving the conditions of the classrooms, laboratories, dining rooms and student residences.

In addition to the headquarters, hospitals, polyclinics, dental clinics, healthcare institutions and community doctor offices become scenarios for the formation of Health majors. A teaching staff of more than 1,300 professors assumes education throughout the province.

Among the challenges and motivations, the participation in the National Festival of Lesson receives special attention. In the previous event -developed in Villa Clara- the University obtained the first place, result that grants it the honor of becoming the host of the next contest.

Since the end of the previous, measures were taken to ensure proper organization at the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic period. According to the rector, they made systematic exchanges with the heads of Nursing rooms in hospitals in order to rescue their performance in the different services, ensure more quality in the formation of this major and achieve accreditation in future moments.

"We also held meetings with the main professors of the postgraduate specialties to strengthen the teaching-educational process in the training of the specialist and, above all, to take responsibility themselves and with the institution with the aim of advancing in the teaching categorization."

The staff of the "Zoilo Marinello" has been determined to improve the quality of education. She explains that "at the end of the course we were able to take five specialties to external evaluation; we await the result of the National Accreditation Board in October. At the end of September, we intend to present three other specialties: Cardiology, Neonatology and Clinical Laboratory."

The house of high studies directs its processes based on an institutional diagnosis. Its research addresses the issues identified as a health problem in the locality in favor of the welfare and satisfaction of the inhabitants of Las Tunas.

The University of Medical Sciences officially welcomed their workers and students this Monday, September 2nd at the school start ceremony, although since August 26th, students in the sixth year of Medicine and the first of all majors have already started the lessons.