University of Las Tunas

Between March 8 and 12, the permanent tribunal in Pedagogical Sciences, based at the Oriente University, participated here in the defense of 12 applicants: eight professors from the ULT and four from that of Medical Sciences.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- They then joined the 15 who had already obtained the Scientific Degree in November of the previous year and precede some 13 who aspire to achieve it in December 2021. Undoubtedly, an achievement for the scientific community here. Something that is, in the opinion of the experts, the result of an intense work that has been developing the program of excellence in doctoral training of Pedagogical Sciences in Las Tunas.

The Doctor of Science José Ignacio Reyes González, head of the Scientific Degree of the House of Higher Studies, confirms that this is decisive in the results of the territory, not only in the pedagogical area but also contribute to the improvement from the Culture, General Education (MINED), Medical Sciences and others.
“The issues that we are prioritizing are those related to Educational Improvement in each of the subsystems; of course, in search of raising the quality of the educational process.

“We have very varied investigations that are related to didactics, to better teach the contents, to civic education, to values, aspects of environmental education, heritage, in short, many.

"We also try to promote other areas of knowledge, among which are Economic Sciences and Management, which do not respond to the doctoral program, but it is in the interest of the territory and the country to diversify the studies on these topics and deepen them."