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Las Tunas - Of the 29-day care centers in the province of Las Tunas, except one, all of them are able to receive all the children of working mothers, after a stage of work in which the Covid-19 pandemic tightened the hygienic-sanitary situation and it was achieved that inside the educational institutions there was no transmission of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Yanara Campaña Mariné, responsible for Early Childhood Education in the Provincial Directorate of the sector, stated that only the center located in the municipality of Colombia, which served as an isolation unit and which should resume its normal activities this week, has yet to reach this condition.
To date, around 95 percent of the enrollment of these centers has already received the second dose of the Soberana 02 vaccine, which is a joint achievement of Science, Medicine and the members of the households.
He also emphasized that in the new period of work, the sanitary protocols will continue with the same rigor and mentioned among the provisions, the separation of the children during games and by classrooms, the cleaning of surfaces, the ventilation of spaces, the permanent use of masks and their frequent change, as well as the washing of hands.
In turn, Campaña Mariné pointed out that Las Tunas was the only province in the country that last July carried out the massive granting of 288 places, while during this time, every month, the allocation of places in day care centers, mainly in the second year of life, for those children who turned 1 year old.
At present, she said, they are also developing the adaptation and readjustment of children already enrolled and who, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, had not been able to complete this process in its entirety.
In the attention to Early Childhood from the Ministry of Education, curricular adjustments are also made to ensure the provision of basic knowledge for this stage of life and continues the implementation of the Third Educational Improvement in its two modalities, while it is expected that from November 15 the Social Attention Program "Educa a tu Hijo" (Educate your Child) will begin its work.
Regarding the work of these educational institutions, during her recent visit to the province, the head of Education in the country, Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, stressed that in the current calendar more than 800 facilities of this type have remained active and in support of essential parents and different sectors such as Education, Agriculture, the Revolutionary Armed Forces, Public Health and Services, among other key branches for society and the economy.
The day care centers in Las Tunas congregate more than four thousand children and constitute an irreplaceable part of the Educational System, since this network of centers is in charge of Cuban children acquiring the first habits of behavior, values and knowledge, while establishing social relations outside the home.